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The Philippines by Birdquest

6-28 February 2010 (23 days) 
Sites to visit: Luzon: 1. Subic Bay to see a good number of endemic forest birds ranging from gorgeous racquet-tails to the strange Coleto. 2. Mount Polis for high-altitude habitats hosting the Luzon Water Redstart among others 3. Palawan to see the Philippine Cockatoo and the Palawan Peacock Pheasant 4. Mt. Makiling for the noisy Spotted Kingfisher Mindanao: 1. Lowland forests of Bislig area where the Steere's Pitta and Short-crested Monarch can be found 2. Mt. Kitanglad for the endangered Bukidnon Woodcock and magnificent Philippine Eagle.


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Birdwatching Sites

PHILIPPINE EAGLE CENTRE, Davao (Jump-off Point: Davao City)

The Philippine Eagle Centre, located at the foothills of the majestic Mt. Apo, is operated by the Philippine Eagle Foundation as a facility for the care and propagation of the endangered Philippine Eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi). The centre houses 32 eagles, 18 of which were successfully bred through human intervention (captive-bred). At the centre, one can closely observe the remarkable eagle as well as other species such as Brahminy Kites and Indonesian Lorries.



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Birdwatching in the Philippines

The Philippines is a recognized megadiversity area with a very high level of endemism. Marvel at the variety of life on earth, as the Philippines positions itself as a new birdwatching hotspot! Home to 200 endemic bird species, nature’s diversity is best celebrated in this archipelago. With over 600 bird species in the country, birdwatchers are sure to have one more ticked off their must-see list. Get on the bird trail and marvel at the Cebu Flowerpecker, the Philippine cockatoo, the Visayan wrinkled hornbill, and the majestic Philippine eagle.

Seek sanctuary in the 7,107 islands of the Philippines along with the rest of the world’s living species. From marine life, to flora and fauna, and now birdwatching, the wealth of diversity in the country has reached a level of megadiversity – exclusive to 17 countries that hold the greatest numbers of the major groups of living species. The endemism in the Philippines is a fitting symbol of the country’s uniqueness in terms of what it can offer. A country of various landscapes and experiences,the Philippines stands firm in its promise to take you beyond the usual.

List of Philippine Bird Species

Philippine Duck

 The Philippine Duck (Anas luzonica) is a large dabbling duck of the genus Anas. It has a black crown, nape and eye stripe, with a cinnamon head and neck. Rest of body is greyish brown with a bright green speculum. Its legs are greyish brown, and its bill is blue grey.


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