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There is a huge number of British nationals, who have lived, worked, travelled and studied in the Philippines and have since returned to the United Kingdom after their stay. A majority of these have fond memories of their days in the Philippines, and continue to hold the Philippines in high regard. These 'friends' of the Philippines may be of different academic background, ages and professional orientation, but they all share a common appreciation for the natural attractiveness of the country and the friendliness of its people.

  • Have you lived in the Philippines?
  • Have you worked in the Philippines?
  • Have you visited the Philippines?
  • Did you have a great time?
  • Do you want to help promote tourism to the Philippines among your friends and associates?

If yes, sign up now and fill the questionnaire below to be a part of the "friends philippines" program!"

What are the benefits by filling out the questionnaire you ask?

  1. Inclusion in the Department of Tourism (DOT) London mailing list for updated Information on various developments in the Philippines visitor statistics, special airline offers; special package tours, new properties, press releases, etc.;
  2. Inclusion in the DOT London invitation list for special projects in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, such as cultural performances, arts exhibitions, concerts, seminars, gatherings, invitational programs to the Philippines, select Embassy-initiated activities, etc.;
  3. Special Endorsement/Assistance for Travel to the Philippines, such as airport facilitation/reception, special arrangements for transfers, hotel accommodation, tours, tourism-related meetings, etc., for 'friends' or friends/acquaintances referred by 'friends' (subject to seasonality);
  4. Others as may be in the capacity or authority of the DOT London Office and/or the Embassy of the Philippines to provide on a case-to-case basis.

What we need from you?

  1. Assist in generating greater registration of 'friends' into the program;
  2. Volunteer and participate actively in projects where individual expertise and/or organizational experience in a specialized field can be most useful;
  3. Provide insights and comments on how tourism promotional efforts can be more effectively implemented in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland;
  4. Speak highly of the Philippines, and encourage friends and acquaintances to visit the country.

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