WOW Philippines E-Newsletter - October 2007

Welcome to your latest edition of the WOW Philippines E-Newsletter. This month finds DOT London focusing on dive promotions activities, as it gets ready alongside Philippine dive partners to participate in Dive 2007 at NEC Birmingham on 13-14 October.

Also, keep an eye out for the launch of the new "Request Pictures and Videos" Page in our WOW Philippines UK Website. This page is filled with awe-inspiring images and videos that can be requested by clients online.

Finally, DOT London is launching three new destination brochures this month, covering the major cities of Manila and Cebu as well as the landlocked, mountainous region of the Cordilleras. Check them out soon in our Request Brochures page of our website - .

In this issue:

  Major Program Updates of DOT London
  Destination of the Month
  Package of the Month
  Article of the Month

Major Program Updates of DOT London


DOT Sales Calls and Seminar Presentations

The DOT London Field Office has been meeting with the leading tour operators and airlines in the UK, Scandinavia, Spain and Italy over the past month, and offering its resources to aid in boosting their sales of tours and packages to the Philippines.

DOT London has also been active in promoting the Philippines to various consumer groups. Specifically, tourism presentations have been made to 35 members of the Royal Academy of Arts on 27 September, and then again to some 100 "second-generation Filipinos" in a Meet & Greet event organized by the Philippine Embassy last 21 September. Resulting from these networking activities, DOT London has been able to convince groups of people to visit the Philippines, or solicit their assistance in future tourism promotions activities in the UK.

TA Chicoy Enerio believes it is imperative for DOT London to act as a bridge between trade and consumer groups, and to provide a medium with which greater awareness, interest, travel and business opportunities may be achieved.

Friends Philippines

Friends Philippines to Become Europe-wide

In a meeting of Europe-based Philippine Ambassadors held recently in Brussels, the Friends Philippines Program initiated by DOT London has been recognized as a "best practice program", which could be implemented by the Philippine Embassies all across Europe.

As a result, Ambassador Edgardo B. Espiritu has requested DOT London to prepare the mechanics of the project, for the eventual application of the concept in as many European countries as possible.

Meanwhile, arrangements for the Friends Philippines tour are coming along smoothly, the latest activity being a special concert of the Loboc Children's Choir for tour participants on 22 November. Interested parties may still participate and are encouraged to contact Ms. Loline Reed at 01753880452.
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Dive Philippines

The Philippines' image as top diving paradise will be given a major boost this month with the participation of DOT London in Dive 2007 at NEC Birmingham on 13-14 October.

DOT London will go all out this year with a humongous 40 square metre space to showcase the best of Philippine diving. Together with DOT London are some partners in the private sector, such as The Ananyana Beach Resort and Spa in Panglao, the Sampaguita Beach Resort in Moalboal, the Marco Vincent Resort in Puerto Galera and the Atlantis Dive Resorts in Puerto Galera and Dumaguete. Also joining in the Philippine stand are UK-based Go Dive Philippines and Malaysia Airlines.

There will also be a daily presentation by BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year (2002) Duncan Murrell illustrating the diversity of coral species in the Philippines and an interesting discussion on the whale sharks of Palawan.

Destination of the Month


Garden Island of Samal

Overland Adventures coupled with Scuba Diving

Located just 10 minutes from Davao City, Samal Island is lined with off-white sand beaches and provides activities both on the beach and in land. It has a wide range of activities from jet skiing, to scuba diving, to kayaking that will suit the adventure hungry. Inland tours with accompanying guides are open to tourists taking them to spectacular rivers and falls to antique mansions and a renowned bat cave, which houses an incredible 1.8 million bats.

Aside from overland adventures, this island is blessed with a multitude of dive sites to suit all tastes. Ligid Caves and Pinnacle Point, found in the northeast, offer a diverse range of coral and gorgonian fans with octopus, morays and jacks as common marine life. Mushroom Rock at the south eastern tip of the island grants divers the occasional dolphins and other pelagic sightings. There are also spectacular sights for snorkellers, like the Marissa reefs where hawksbill turtles, pelagics and lobsters are regular visitors.

Package of the Month


Pearl Farm Superior Class

The Pearl Farm Resort lies in a secluded cove on exotic Samal Island. This world class beach resort is set among swaying coconut palms and fringed by a glittering white sandy beach.

This 11-hectare location was once a pearl farm, where thousands of white-lipped oysters, transported from the Sulu Sea, were cultivated for their pink, white and gold pearls. The resort's Samal Houses are patterned after the stilt houses of seafaring Samal tribes of the Sulu archipelago. By day, schools of tiny fish frolic between the sturdy poles that support the houses. At night, the sound of the waves are a soothing aid to slumber.

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Article of the Month


Financial Times

"Strange Attractions" by Rhymer Rigby

Our article for the month is entitled "Strange Attractions" by Rhymer Ribgy and was featured in the Travel Section of the Financial Times published last 21 September.

The author was in the Philippines to attend his best friend's wedding. Before attending the ceremonies, however, he gives himself and his wife a series of memorable experiences in different parts of the country. The article thus enumerates the author's various adventures and recounts his visits to eccentric attractions.

The article begins with: Luzon, the Philippines??? vast northern island, is one of those places you go for ???experiences??? rather than relaxation. Over 10 days, we???d climbed steamy jungle-clad volcanoes, endured terrifying journeys to see coffins hanging from cliffs and, in one highly memorable cave, I???d been urinated on by a thousand shrieking bats...

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