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The start of the year for the travel industry is always an exciting time! This is the season where travellers seek new inspirations and ideas for their next big holiday!

Major news and travel publications dedicate their first issue of to highly anticipated lists of places to go for year. 2014 should turn out to be a thrilling year for the Philippines as it has been included in numerous "must visit" destination by prominent travel brands.

It is also the season for consumer/trade shows across Europe where the Philippines will be participating at major travel exhibitions dedicated to general leisure, diving, adventure activities and b2b among others.

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  Major Programs
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Major Programs


Philippines is Widely Recognized as a Must Travel Destination for 2014

Prestigious publications have recently named the Philippines and its renowned destinations among the top places to visit this year.

Esteemed travel guidebooks RoughGuides and Lonely Planet have included the Philippines in its "Top 10 Countries" and "10 best value holiday destinations" (Palawan) for 2014 respectively.

RoughGuides list the country's numerous white beaches, pristine reefs, volcanoes, sleepy backpacker islands and the famed rice terraces as reasons to go. Lonely Planet cites jungle rivers, limestone cliffs and awesome beaches and the Puerto Princesa Underground River as Palawan's attractions.

Travel blog, composed a list of the "15 Best Cities in the World" wherein Manila, tied with Paris, is the World's culinary capital. Citing "AskMen", voters have identified the capital of the country as the most passionate about cuisine.

The Telegraph has listed the Philippines among its "20 Destinations for 2014." Island-hopping among the archipelago's 7,107 islands, seeing whale-sharks and thresher sharks and festivals are some of the many reasons to go.

Another broadsheet, the Times includes the country among its round-up of the "Best Spa Holidays for 2014"

Last but not the least, adventure magazine Wanderlust also has the Philippines counted among the "50 Best Trips for 2014" in its January edition.

All of these publications pave the way for a truly exciting 2014 for the country's tourism all acknowledging that it is really "More Fun in the Philippines."

Philippines Exhibits at Major Travel Shows across Europe

With the travel consumer show season in Europe kicking-off this month, the Philippines Department of Tourism (PDOT) will be present in many of these events to inspire travellers planning their holidays for 2014.

PDOT took part at the TravelMatch in Oslo last 9 January 2014. The business-to-business workshop event for the industry fosters outbound travel from Norway and the region.

Next, the Philippines will be exhibiting at the Salon de Plongee (dive show) in Paris from 10- 12 January to showcase the country's new underwater attractions and products for the market.

On 17-19 January, PDOT will be participating at the The Ferie & Fritid Show held annually at the Bella Center is Denmark with the Philippine Embassy in Oslo. Copenhagen’s largest consumer fair welcomes over 40,000 visitors over a 3-day period.

PDOT will again be promoting the country's diving assets during the Boot Show in Dusseldorf from the 18-26th of January.

On 25th - 26th of January, the Philippines will be joining the Adventure Travel Show in Olympia made possible by organizer Escape Events. PDOT will be keen to show the multitude of adventure activities possible around the country.

Representing the Philippines in these events allows people from all across Europe to know more about the country when they decide where to travel this year. New destinations, activities, resorts and travel packages are all showcased at these shows. Future projects and joint promotional campaigns are also discussed and planned with participating travel industry partners for the rest of the year.

Travel Upcoming Travel Event and Destination


Hot Air Balloon Festival 2014

The annual Hot Air Balloon Festival at Clark will be hosted this year by the PDOT. It was first initiated in 1994 by the Department together with numerous government and private agencies.

Over the past two decades, the Festival has gone from strength to strength and has grown to be a major event recognized internationally in its field. It has since drawn the creativity prowess from balloonists and aviators coming from Russia, Sweden and Thailand among others. Last year, the Breitling Jet Team, one of Europe's largest civilian aerobatic display team performed in the country for the first time.

The DOT and the Tourism Promotions Board will be working to promote and make the event bigger than ever extending the official invitations to balloonists and aviation specialist in even more countries.

Article of the Month


METRO UK - Travel to The Philippines, it’s open for business

After the Typhoon

Having endured November’s Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest storms ever recorded, Filipinos are now asking tourists to return as a way of assisting the country’s recovery. Peak season kicks off this month, so where can visitors safely go? Still off-limits are Samar and Leyte but large parts of popular tourism destinations such as Luzon, Boracay, Palawan and Cebu are open for business. John Oates, contributor to The Rough Guide To The Philippines, knows where he’d go. ‘The isolated province of Batanes, 100km north of the Luzon mainland, has magnificently rugged scenery,’ he says. ‘It’s often hit by typhoons but was spared the worst this time.’

Feast on Cebu

There is some damage in northern Cebu but the centre of the island, Mactan and the south are fine. Travelling gastronomes will find themselves well-served here as the island’s cuisine is a fusion of Malay, Chinese, Spanish and Polynesian flavours. Local travel firm Islands Banca Cruises can organise a boat trip to take you across the clear blue waters to a tiny strip of white sand for a picnic in style. The tastiest alfresco feast includes classic Cebuano food such as lechon baboy (spit-roasted pig), longganisa (similar to chorizo) and otap (coconut cookies). San Miguel has a factory on the island, too, so you won’t go thirsty.
Tailored island trips cost around £90.

Private wildlife adventure

The Philippines is a biodiversity hot spot. Twitchers can fulfil their birdwatching fantasies at the Olango Wildlife Sanctuary and Rajah Sikatuna Park, while aquanauts tend to head over to Donsol to dive with whale sharks. For 2014, Bamboo Travel is offering an epic 22-day wildlife tour. As well as birdwatching and whale-spotting, the tour also takes in the world’s smallest volcano at Taal and the surreal ‘chocolate hills’ of Bohol. The tour ends at Palawan with time to explore the mountains, subterranean rivers and coral reefs, as well as the El Nido archipelago.
Private tours cost from £4,995 per person, including international flights, accommodation and tour services.
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