WOW Philippines E-Newsletter - January Issue

It has been a highly memorable year for Philippines Tourism, not least for innovative projects, numerous successful trade shows and exhibitions, and relentless media exposures and we would like to thank you for all your support. And as 2007 draws to a close, we are bringing you the year-end special edition of your WOW Philippines E-Newsletter where we look back at all successful tourism projects during the year.

Needless to say the first few weeks of 2008 already looks set to be a busy one as we gear up for our consumer shows starting with Reiseliv on the 10th - 13th of January in Oslo followed by the Holiday and Travel Shows held across the UK. We will, as always, be keeping you informed of all the developments, so stay in touch with for the latest updates.

Meanwhile, we wish you a wonderful Christmas and New Year!!!

In this issue:

  Major Programs of the DOT
  Participation in Prestigious Exhibitions
  Media Exposure

Major Programs of the DOT


WOW Philippines Website

The newly developed and improved website features umbrella pages complete with Destination guides and pages on Travel, Dive and Friends Philippines programs.

It is designed as a one-stop vehicle for the Philippines as a destination to contain fast facts, top destinations & attractions, tour packages, flight search engine, request for brochures and pictures functionality, e-newsletter, special offers and endorsements by private sector partners.

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Friends Philippines

The project aims to identify British nationals who have been to the Philippines and are willing to be part of activities that can help create a more positive image of the country and generate interest in trade, investment and tourism. Its projects are the Friends Tour to the Philippines held last 15-30 November 2007 and a Special Reception at the House of Lords on 22 February 2008.

The Friends Philippines program has been identified by European-based Philippine Ambassadors as a ???Best Practice Program???, and Philippine Embassies all around Europe have been encouraged to implement this program in their respective countries.
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Travel Philippines

As a result of our partnership with our select UK tour operators, Filipinos can now register as a marketer under the Travel Philippines program. As marketers, they are encouraged to invite and recommend their British friends and colleagues to book their journey through the approved Travel Partners.

As a result of our partnership with our select UK tour operators, Filipinos can now register as a marketer under the Travel Philippines program. As marketers, they are encouraged to invite and recommend their British friends and colleagues to book their journey through the approved Travel Partners.

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Dive Philippines

DOT London is stepping up its dive promotions campaign through the renewal of its contract with the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC), the largest dive club in the world and the scuba diving authority in the United Kingdom

The ongoing two-year partnership with (BSAC) is resulting in unprecedented publicities for Philippine diving in the United Kingdom. Last year???s BSAC-supported familiarization trip to Bohol generated publicities amounting to more than ??300,000.00. This year???s BSAC fam trip was conducted in Puerto Galera.
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WOW Philippines Taxi Cabs

There are 58 London black cabs and 1 full liveried taxi running in and around London, carrying the WOW Philippines advert. This campaign has been extended to June 2008.

PDOT London is taking steps to expand this campaign by having the WOW Philippines Taxi Cabs in other major UK cities like Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds and Bradford.

Meanwhile, the PDOT has signed up for a 6-month contract with London Heritage Travel as part of promoting the WOW Philippines tourism campaign launched during the World Travel Market.

Text WOW Campaign

Text WOW to 81404 was launched in June 2007. The program is aimed to get prompt replies for queries on special offers to the Philippines by participating travel industry partners in the UK. The campaign is promoted through WOW Philippines Taxis??? tip-up seats and the WOW Philippines website. A standard rate of GBP??20.00 per month is charged to travel industry participants in this project.

PDOT reports eight agents/tour operators have already signed up to this campaign.

Participation in Prestigious Exhibitions


Exhibitions, Trade Shows and Sales Presentations

The Philippines Department of Tourism (PDOT) came out in force, with almost two-dozen highly successful representations in various prestigious exhibitions and trade shows during the year.

The year kicked off with annual consumer shows starting with the Holiday and Travel Shows in January followed immediately with the Destinations in February.

Next, during the summer months were the annual Barrio Fiestas held across the UK catering to the Filipino communities who are beginning to realize they have an important role to play in promoting tourism to the Philippines.

More???PDOT successfully brought the Philippines to divers during the Dive Shows in London and Birmingham showcasing impressive stand displays with towering structures emblazoned with rich images of underwater attractions.

Finally, the year was capped with a highly triumphant participation in the annual World Travel Market, one of the world???s biggest and most important business events. This year, 16 Philippine travel companies specializing in the European market will be participating under the banner of the Department of Tourism.

The continuous participation of PDOT to all these prestigious events ensure that Philippines tourism is an aggressive and endearing force in the global tourism market.

Media Exposure


Publicity Generated

2007 proved to be a highly-productive season for publicity on Philippine tourism, with more than 30 positive features by some of the most prestigious newspapers and television programs in the United Kingdom.

The Philippines was a constant mainstay throughout the year in widely read newspapers like Metro, The Guardian, People, and Financial Times with articles including spectacular destinations in the Philippines, major foreign investments, and various unusual aquatic life.

Moreover, lengthy 10-page articles kept appearing in magazines like Food and Travel, Take A Break and even in the British Tatler.

Publicity about the country did not stop with newspapers and magazines. Earlier in the year, a 45-minute TV show on Channel 5 aired last February 7, 2007 featured the TV program ???Great Ocean Adventures 2???. The showcase very positively featured the Thresher Sharks in Malapascua, Cebu made by world-renowned diver/presenter Monty Halls. Finally, in November the Philippine Stand was even featured for 25 seconds in a WTM segment on the Euronews Channel.

Free Philippine tourism publicity for the year is estimated at GBP1,349,580.00

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