Inaugural Issue of the Philippines E-Newsletter - March 2007

Welcome to the Inaugural Issue of the Philippines E-Newsletter, a monthly e-publication of the Department of Tourism Field Office in London. Through this newsletter, we hope to keep you abreast on the latest tourism news and developments in the country. Likewise, we intend to regularly update you on different destinations and packages on offer, in the hope that you will be encouraged to help us promote tourism to the country.

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In this issue:

  Major Programs of the DOT London Office
  Destination of the Month
  Package of the Month
  DOT News
  DOT London Calendar of Events

Major Programs of the DOT London Office


Travel Philippines

The Filipino Communities in the United Kingdom have become increasingly active, strong and influential in their respective areas of the country. These individuals and associations have in recent years become vital links in the implementation of projects, and particularly in the sales and organization of trips/tours to the Philippines. DOT London recognizes the contribution that these communities can make in generating greater numbers of British visitors to the Philippines, and thus wishes to capitalize on their strengths and connections in selling and promoting Philippine tourism to the UK market.

To do this, DOT London envisions the active support and participation not only of Filcom partners, but also of select partners in the travel trade who can provide the necessary incentives to the most productive of registered marketers. With incentives in place, DOT London believes that Filipino marketers will be encouraged to cooperate with this program, by selling or even organizing trips to the Philippines.

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Friends Philippines

There is a huge number of British nationals who have lived, worked, studied and travelled in the Philippines for many years, and have since returned to the United Kingdom after their brief stay. A majority of these have fond memories of their days in the Philippines, and continue to hold the Philippines in high regard. These friends of the Philippines may be of different academic background, ages and professional orientation, but they all share a common appreciation for the natural attractiveness of the country and the friendliness of its people.

Some of these friends are willing to be part of activities that can help create a more positive image of the country and generate interest in trade, investment and tourism. However, there is a need to know who these people are, and provide opportunities for them to become active in Philippine promotional activities.

The project thus aims to identify these British nationals, encourage them to be actively involved in Philippine promotions, and give due recognition to their individual and organizational contributions.
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Taxi Philippines

The London Taxi Promotions Campaign was begun in September 2005, and to date has become one of the most consistent promotional programs of the Department of Tourism.

The strong visual presence has generated greater awareness and demand for Philippine tourism packages. Not only has this exposure been felt by the Brtish market; the WOWPhilippines taxicabs have won the hearts and minds of the Filipino community in the United Kingdom as well. As a result, various Filipino and Anglo/Filipino communities have been motivated into promoting Philippine tourism in their own respective ways and have begun to eagerly support DOT promotional initiatives.

It is time for the campaign to go beyond London and make its presence felt in other UK cities as well. Watch out for our announcements of WOWPhilippines taxicabs plying routes in Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds/Bradford!

Dive Philippines

DOT London is stepping up its dive promotions campaign through the renewal of its contract with the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC), the largest dive club in the world and the scuba diving authority in the United Kingdom.

Dive Philippines is once again the destination sponsor of BSAC's Go-Dive and Try-Dive campaigns, and various activities are lined up to ensure the high exposure of the Philippines in the diving communities. Such projects include visits of journalists and dive operators to the Philippines, direct mailing campaigns to BSAC's 40,000+ membership, and the development of discounted dive packages in cooperation with Dive Worldwide.

With its 7,107 islands, and a growing reputation for rarity, diversity and value-for-money, the Philippines has been catapulted as a major diving destination in the world, and a favorite among European divers.
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Destination of the Month



Experience the Philippines... and discover this unique archipelago of 7,107 tropical islands, its natural wonders, colourful and rich history, and the warmth and friendliness of its people.

Marvel at Boracay, a stunning island paradise suitable for a laid-back holiday or an activity-oriented experience. Its most fascinating feature - the four-kilometre White Beach of talcum powder-fine sand - is hailed as among the finest in the world. It's yours for the having!

DOT London has recently produced a flyer on the beautiful island of Boracay, containing useful tips and information. For a free Boracay flyer and other information about the Philippines, email us at .

Your dream paradise --- The Philippines!!!

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Package of the Month


Special Tour of the Friends Philippines

16-day special package to Manila, Cebu and more!

Special to this issue is our announcement of the Friends Tour to the Philippines on 15-30 November 2007. This delightful trip is specially designed and organized on behalf of the members of Friends Philippines. But anybody who's a friend of the country and whose wish is to see the Philippines projected positively in the United Kingdom is most cordially invited!

The tour covers the cities of Manila and Cebu as well as many tourist attractions in between over a span of 16 days. There are opportunities to conduct business sessionsIt promises to be a great way to renew your friendship and ties with your "second home".

Friends who are interested to know more or register for the tour should get in touch with Ms. Loline Reed at .
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DOT News


Relentless First Quarter Media Campaign

The first quarter of the year proved to be a highly-productive season for publicity on Philippine tourism, for having been featured positively by some of the most prestigious newspapers and television programs in the United Kingdom.

On 06 January, The Saturday Times displayed an impressive photograph of the Ati-Atihan Festival in Aklan as part of its Image of the Week column. This was immediately followed by the inclusion of Boracay as a preferred beach paradise in Tan-tastic Destinations on Metro magazine, with a readership of over 3.3 million.

Another article entitled Life and Laughter on the Precipice by John Crowley, was made a stunning headline in the Daily Telegraph. The article was also featured in the travel pages of the Daily Telegraph website, complete with a "Sights and Sounds" AV Presentation of Manila.

The news releases continued unabated with the Times again featuring the Philippines in Island Hop to Another World by Martin Symington on 29 January. The same article was included in the Times supplement that was distributed during the Destinations show in Earls Court last 01-04 February.

The longest article of the quarter was entitled Hogging the Limelight, and comprised 16 full-color pages in the Feb-Mar issue of the Food and Travel Magazine. The article and photographs were done by Allegra McEvedy and Martin Thompson, who personally went to the Philippines to sample the various food and delicacies in the country.

Publicity about the country did not stop with newspapers and magazines. On 01 February, El Nido in Palawan was given a 7-page spread in the BBC book Unforgettable Islands to Escape to Before You Die by Marc Schlossman. And the coup de grace came as a 45-minute TV show on Channel 5 aired last February 7, 2007. The TV program Great Ocean Adventures 2? very positively featured the Thresher Sharks in Malapascua, Cebu. The feature was made even more special by the reputation of world-renowned diver/presenter Monty Halls, who has fallen in love with the people of the tiny island.

All told, free Philippine tourism publicity for the quarter is estimated at GBP300,000.00.

DOT London Calendar of Events


Sales and Promotions Activities of the DOT London Office

-EUDI Dive Show (Rome, Italy; 08-11 March 2007)
-BCN Dive Show (Corella, Barcelona, Spain; 09-11 March 2007)
-London International Dive Show (London ExCeL; 10-11 March 2007)
-Post-ITB Selling Mission (Stockholm, Sweden; 12 March 2007)
-TUR (Gothenburg, Sweden; 22-25 March 2007)
-KLM PATA-UK Chapter Fam Trip (Manila, Cebu and Bohol; 26 March - 03 April 2007)

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