WOW Philippines E-Newsletter - April 2007

It is the start of another exciting month for Philippines Tourism with the launch of the new program Travel Philippines on 01 April.

With the second quarter of the year opening up, this season marks the best possible time to visit some of the rarest attractions the country can offer. Numerous packages are springing-up to these seasonal attractions available from our travel partners.

By giving you regular updates, we hope to encourage you to promote tourism to the country.

In this issue:

  Major Programs Updates of DOT London
  Destination of the Month
  Package of the Month
  DOT News
  DOT London Calendar of Events

Major Programs Updates of DOT London


Travel Philippines

The official launch of Travel Philippines is imminent with the program commencing on 1 April 2007. By joining the program before the launch, you will maximize your time and potential.

Register as a Marketer today and become eligible for the prizes. Upon receipt of your registration, DOT London shall process your application and send you a Travel Philippines confirmation pack. You can then start accumulating points by referring clients to our travel partners! The earlier you register, the sooner you can start accumulating points!

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Friends Philippines

Book Now Limited Slots Available!

30 April 2007 marks the last day of registration for the Special Friends Tour on 15-30 November 2007.

The tour covers the cities of Manila and Cebu, as well as many tourist attractions in between. It promises to be a great way to renew your friendship and ties with your "second home".

Do not miss out on this wonderful opportunity for an incomparable eye-opener on what the Philippines has to offer.
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Dive Philippines

The Philippines' image as a top dive paradise was given a major boost with PDOT London promoting its Dive Philippines program in the London International Dive Show held last 10-11 of March.

Marine biodiversity proved to be the highlight of most inquiries during the show. Huge interest were voiced by divers who wanted to go and see the threshers of Malapascua, the whale sharks of donsol, and the amazing macro life of Puerto Galera. Dive enthusiasts were continually recognizing the Philippines as the most marine bio-diverse country in the world.

The event was marked by the signing of the renewal of the contract with Dive Philippines as the official destination sponsor of BSAC's Go-Dive and Try-Dive campaigns. Various media representatives were on hand to cover this significant occasion.

BSAC's Go-Dive campaign featuring Dive Philippines was prominent throughout the show. Numerous packages by BSAC were made available during the event such as Dive Worldwide giving a 10 percent discount on dive packages for BSAC members.

The country also garnered three nominated as the top diving desintation in the Asia by the World Travel Awards.

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Taxi Philippines

Last September 2006, The Philippines Department of Tourism London launched a raffle draw competition open to all drivers and passengers of London taxicabs carrying the WOW Philippines adverts. The prize is a holiday in the Philippines for 2. The prize draw is open to all drivers and passengers of London taxicabs carrying the WOW Philippines campaign adverts.

Overall, this has generated huge response from taxi riders. This month marks the last few days for the Taxi Promo with the raffle draw on 31 March 2007. Interested parties should rush to the streets and hail down one of 50 WOW Philippines taxi cabs circling London for a chance of winning that holiday of a lifetime.

Destination of the Month


Donsol Sorsogon

February to May is the peak season of interaction with the whale sharks.

The Butanding festival which ushers in the Butanding (Whaleshark) Season as well as thanksgiving for the blessings that the butanding???s presence has given the people of Donsol. The festival is highlighted by a street parade.

Numerous testimonials from experienced divers exclaimed that they could spot more than 40 whale sharks at a given time.

Whalesharks are not the only attraction of this destination. There are a number of natural and man-made attractions to be found in the area.

For nature lovers, Mt. Bulusan is the remains of an active volcano surrounded by forests full of flora and fauna. The mythical lake Bulusan lies on the slopes of the mountain.

Culture lovers could make their way to Barcelona Church. It was built in 1874 using coral reefs to form the church walls. The carvings on the coral reef fa??ade makes the church a priceless relic.

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Package of the Month


Journey to Tubbataha Reef

Philippine Liveaboards

Accessible only between the months of March and June is the Tubbataha Reef National Park.

It lies in the centre of the Sulu Sea and is undoubtedly the best diving location in the Philippines. It is one of the most outstanding coral reefs in Southeast Asia consisting of two coral atolls covering an area of 33,200 hectares. It contains a very high density of marine species surpassing any reef of the same size anywhere in the world. The islets serve as an important refuge for seabirds in Southeast Asia. They are believed to be one of the last breeding grounds for a host of endangered bird species.

The spectacular explosion of life and colour makes this an experience never to be forgotten
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DOT News


Vigorous Presentation in Prestigious Shows

The Philippines Department of Tourism (PDOT) came out in force, with over half a dozen highly successful representations in various prestigious exhibitions and trade shows during the first quarter of the year.

The year kicked off in Manchester and Glasgow for the Holiday and Travel Shows. As the UK's premier consumer events, the shows attracted more than 100,000 visitors over the span of 3 days. Visitors to the Philippines booth were able to participate in one-on-one question and answer sessions to discover more about the country.

PDOT then brought Philippines tourism to the London School of Economics as the major sponsor of the Filipino Society's winter soiree last January. Tourism Attach??? Domingo Ramon Enerio III presented facts and figures indicating the growth of tourism in the Philippines. He reminded the economic-minded crowd of the benefit derived from tourism revenues and its effect to boost the country's economy.

The WOW Philippines marketing campaign once again joined one of the largest annual travel consumer shows in the UK - "Destinations" in February. Guests included backpackers who have been to the country impressed with the cheap holiday possibilities and with intention to visit other parts of the islands.

More???PDOT successfully brought the Philippines to divers during the London Dive Show this year. The Dive Philippines booth was richly decorated with colorful underwater images with a towering bamboo and palm structure. Video footage of underwater attractions in the Philippines including the Great Ocean Adventures 2 of Monty Hall's trip to Malapascua Cebu was constantly aired.

It did not stop there! PDOT was able to provide brochures and promotional materials support to the BCN Dive Show in Barcelona this March. Attach??? Enerio conducted numerous sales calls in the EUDI Dive Show in Rome.

Finally???PDOT, in coordination with the Embassy of the Philippines in Sweden, organized the post-ITB sales mission in Stockholm and the TUR in Gothenburg this month. This signals the aggressive moves to tap this highly promising and lucrative market through sales presentations, business discussions and exhibitions.

The continuous participation of PDOT to all these prestigious events ensure that Philippines tourism is an aggressive and endearing force in the global tourism market.

DOT London Calendar of Events


Program Calendar

???KLM PATA-UK Chapter Fam Trip (Manila, Cebu and Bohol; 26 March - 03 April 2007)
???Drawing of the Winner for Taxi Promo Campaign (31 March 2007)
???Launch of Travel Philippines (1 April 2007)

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