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Since the start of the year, the Philippines Department of Tourism (PDOT) London has organized and implemented numerous familiarization trips, to allow media representatives and tour operators to experience first-hand the wide array of attractions in the country. The end results range from published travel articles on prominent magazines and broadsheets, to new tour packages offered to the Philippines among others. The Philippines' circle of friends continues to grow bigger and stronger by the day as a result of these marketing projects.

This month also sees the Philippines showcased on leading national newspapers across the United Kingdom as part of an aggressive marketing campaign to raise tourism awareness.

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Major Programs


Familiarization Trips Being Implemented by PDOT London for 2009

One of the main ventures of PDOT London since the start of the year has been organizing different familiarization (FAM) trips for all its source markets across Europe. These FAM trips greatly vary in nature from travelogues on national TV networks like Rai Uno in Italy to birdwatching groups from the UK. The unifiying theme for all these trips is that they serve to showcase massive diversity of the country with its numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, fascinating festivals, dazzling natural attractions and most importantly its friendly people.

For a complete listing of all the FAM trips organized this year . click here

7,107 Islands Await your Discovery

The second quarter of the year is set to be a season of high-profile publicity for the Philippines. PDOT is embarking on an impressive advertising campaign across major broadsheets including the Daily Mail, the Sunday Telegraph and the London Metro this month bolstered by an ongoing Internet campaign.

The objective of this advertising campaign is to foster new awareness for tourism to the Philippines toward the British market via competitively priced all-inclusive holiday packages.

Watch out for these releases soon!

Holiday Offers Page

In line with the upcoming advertising campaign, PDOT will soon be launching the Holiday Offers Page of the Website. This page will feature the hottest offers and packages to the Philippines from our partner tour operators and hotels.

Users will be able to search for the most competitively priced package to suit their needs online. Whether it be dive holidays, birdwatching packages or luxury and spa offers, visitors to the website will find it all here.

Find for your Ideal holiday to the Philippines Soon!!!

For more info click here

Destination of the Month


Cagayan De Oro, Mindanao

Cagayan de Oro City (CDO) is located at the northern coast of Mindanao, and serves as the regional centre for the area. CDO is blessed with an amazing landscape hosting endless areas of pineapple plantations, majestic canopies, beautiful beaches, mammoth caves and gorges, and powerful waterways. This interesting combination makes CDO a prime location for adventure tourism.

CDO is known as the "Whitewater Rafting Capital of the Philippines." It is the only whitewater rafting destination in the country that has a whole year round of manoeuvrable rafting courses with multiple levels of difficultly.

Also located in CDO, is the Macahambus Adventure Park, where one can experience walking on a suspended steel bridge connected to trees a hundred feet above ground level. They can then cross back using a zipline or rapel down to the Gorge and Cave.

CDO is also used as a jump-off point for regional attractions such as Camiguin and Mt. Kitanglad. Camiguin is a scenic island filled with interesting natural features like falls, canyons, hot-springs, beaches and seven volcanoes. Mt. Kitanglad, a protected natural park, is visited regularly by avid birdwatchers keen to observe the largest raptor in the world, the Philippine Eagle, in its natural habitat.

Package of the Month


See the Majestic Philippine Eagle in its Natural Habitat

Join one of the more prominent Birdwatching Tour Operators in the UK for the once in a lifetime experience of observing the majestic Philippine Eagle in the wild. Officially the world's largest raptor, the Philippine Eagle is a critically endangered endemic bird, with only a few hundred remaining in the wild. It is recognized as the Philippines' national bird and major conservation efforts are ongoing.

Bird Tour Asia organizes tours to Mt. Kitanglad, off Cagayan De Oro, one of the natural habitats where the Philippine Eagle can be found.

For itinerary details click here

DOT News


Pahiyas Festival 2009

(May 15 2009) Lucban, Quezon

The fiesta colour of summer come alive again as Lucban celebrates the SAN ISIDRO PAHIYAS FESTIVAL - referred to by many as a fiesta to end all fiestas.

During the San Isidro Pahiyas Festival, each household tries to outdo each other in friendly competition as they vie for honor of recognizing their creativity. As incentives to their effort, prizes were given to the winning pahiyas based on a given criteria. This accounts for some of the most curious d├ęcor that the unstoppable spirit of the festival tends to show. Decking the hall or decorating the wall with "Kiping" and agricultural harvest is what "PAYAS" or "PAHIYAS" literally means.
For more info click here

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