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  • It's More Fun in the Philippines

    It's 7,107 times more fun in the Philippines. Watch the official Philippine Department of Tourism AVP to find out why :)

  • DOT International TV Commercial

    Credits: Advertising Agency: BBDO Guerrero Producer: Jing Abellera / Ino Magno / Anj dela Calzada Director: Dale Lopez / Meggy de Guzman Editor: Princess Wendam Coloris: Musseli Cruz VFX: Justin Gimeno Post-Production House: Post Manila The Department of Tourism would like to thank the following photographers who gave us rights to use their images for FREE: 1. Joey Rico (for the Street fashion meme) 2. Abby Yao (for the Stretch limos meme) 3. Gutsy Tuason (for the High fives meme) 4. La Venta 2012 (for the Underground meme) 5. Henson Wongaiham (for the Tour guides meme) 6. George Tapan (for My humps, Going upstairs and Commuting memes) 7. Company of Ateneo Dancers (for Meetings meme) 8. Darwin Dumaraos (for Bananas meme) 9. Bottle School (for Stargazing meme)

  • Banaue Rice Terraces

    Declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995 and dubbed as the "Eight Wonder of the World," the 2,000-year-old terraces manifest the engineering skill and ingenuity of the sturdy Ifugao people, who with bare hands carved this stair-like monument out of the Cordillera mountainside.

  • Discover Bohol

    Scenic Bohol casts a spell on visitors drawn to this oval-shaped island - from the Chocolate Hills to the Tarsier, from 16th century watchtowers to Baroque Jesuit mission churches, from the Loboc River to Tagbilaran City itself. Add to these are palm-fringed coastlines that are blessed with a myriad of white sandy beaches and sheltering coves. And of course, the ever-smiling, ever-friendly Boholano! Bohol in a nutshell is a little bit of Cebu, Palawan and Boracay rolled into one - Cebu for its rich history and Spanish heritage; Palawan for its lush flora and unusal fauna; and Boracay for its white sandy beaches and resort atmosphere. But make no mistake - Bohol has a unique local flavour unseen in any other part of the Philippines. Throw these all into the mix, and you have one great holiday destination.

  • Discover Negros Oriental

    Negros Oriental, in Central Visayas, is part of the island of Negros, the fourth largest in the country. Popular destinations such as Dumaguete, Bais and Apo Island among many other are located in this province. Negros Oriental boasts of 1,377.6 km. of scenic white and golden sandy beaches. Each of the 17 coastal municipalities and cities has its own unique and mystifying beaches to choose from. Some Attractions within the Region: Apo Island – A haven for scuba divers. It a wide array of corals and marine life. The Negros Oriental Marine Conservation program in its Marine Park has kept the underwater wonders in excellent condition. Canlaon Volcano - stands 8,085 ft. above sea level. Its cool atmosphere gives a similar setting to Baguio in Luzon. Twin Lakes Balinsasayao and Danao – A trekking area for the adventurous. Giant trees, ferns and lush greenery unfold the astoundingly serene lakes with its fish stocks located in Sibulan.

  • Diving in the Philippines

    With over 7,000 islands and a magnificent coastline, the Philippines deserves its nickname Asia's Diving Capital Spectacular drop-offs, deep dives, caves, wrecks, and a richly varied marine life await the visitor. The variety of hard and soft corals is amazing . there are more than 500 species (the entire Caribbean only has around 60). Divers commonly see sharks, rays, moray eels, octopus, and sea snakes, along with innumerable species of fish, including groupers, jack, tuna, surgeonfish, parrot fish, sweetlips and lionfish, to name a few. Of the 100,000 known species of shellfish, over 21,000 are found here, including many that are unique to the Philippines. It's a diver's paradise! Jack Jackson, Globetrotter Dive Guide to the Philippines, 2nd edn., New Holland Publishers: London, 2002

  • Discover Palawan

    Palawan is 1,768 islands of pristine white beaches, dramatic rock formations, secret coves and underground mysteries. An untamed land, a nature lover’s paradise and an adventurer’s dream: Palawan certainly lives up to its image as the last frontier.

  • Discover Cebu

    Cebu lies in the heart of the Philippine archipelago and serves as the ideal gateway for tourists to more than 7,100 fascinating islands of the country. A visit to Cebu presents a pleasant discovery of its rich history, multifaceted culture and captivating people. It provides a glimpse of the country’s glorious past, with a number of preserved historic relics standing until today. Apart from its popular heritage sites, Cebu is endowed with a wealth of inviting, natural attractions that engage visitors in various activities. It boasts of white sand beaches, pristine waters and rich marine life fit for diving and snorkeling, as well as verdant mountains, mysterious caves and challenging trails for mountain trekking, spelunking and other outdoor sports activities. Cebu is also home to a vast array of products that are at par with the world’s best. But more than these, Cebu offers distinct warmth of the people that sets Cebu apart from other tropical destinations. Cebuanos, known for their hospitality, friendliness, industriousness, resilience and deep sense of patriotism, are gracious and friendly hosts. Come and experience life in Cebu, the Queen of Southern Philippines!

  • Philippines - A Paradise of 7107 Islands

    Discover the fascinating variety of the 7,107 Philippine islands. Gorgeous bays, dazzling white beaches, azure seas, towering mountain ranges, cool cloud forests and a vast underwater cosmos will enchant you. Welcome to the country of extraordinary nature, adventure and culture. One step into the Philippines and immediately you will find yourself in an experience beyond the usual. Its an archipelago of unique and delightful discoveries. Every island has the ability to transform ordinary perceptions into sheer wonder. The country is an open secret waiting to be discovered. Seven thousand one hundred seven is a big number, start with one and find yourself smiling to the fact that indeed, there is more where that came from.

  • Saint Paul Subterranean River National Park

    A UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring a spectacular limestone karst landscape alongside 8 kilometres of traversable subterranean river which leads into an underground cavern/lagoon commonly known as the "Cathedral."

  • Philippines 7,107 Islands

    Experience the Philippines... its 7,107 islands, its natural wonders, colourful history and warm, engaging people. Over a hundred ethnic groups, a mixture of foreign influences and a fusion of culture and arts have enhanced the uniqueness of the Filipino race and wonder that is the Philippines.

  • Philippine World Heritage Sites

    The Philippines' first inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1993 was the Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park in Palawan. It is one of the most outstanding coral reefs in Southeast Asia consisting of two coral atolls covering an area of 33,200 hectares. It contains a very high density of marine species surpassing any reef of the same size in anywhere in the world.

  • Philippines Diving Heaven

    Breathtaking videos promoting the dive sites of the Philippines home to the best and most diverse marine eco-systems in South East Asia.

  • WOW Philippines Beyond the Usual

    The Philippines Department of Tourism promotional video for its Beyond the Usual Campaign, featuring the different experiences of Adventure, Destinations, Beaches and Nature.

  • Islands of Wellness

    The Philippines boasts of its rich healing practices that are deeply rooted in the people's long tradition of wellness. Famous among these is "Hilot" a highly intuitive touch therapy customized to the needs of each client in order to remove energy imbalance and achieve a renewed state of wellness.

  • Caraga

    The Philippines Department of Tourism Video for Caraga .

  • Take You to the Philippines

    Apl d' Ap, the Philippines' Creative Ambassador brings the country closer to the world through music. This famous music video was launched by Apl together with the Philippines Department of Tourism. The music video, Take You to the Philippines, aims to strengthen global and local awareness of the Philippines top tourist destinations and is a platform from which the DOT decided to tap on MTVs demographic market composed of young powerful consumers who can easily influence the consumptions of their parents.

  • Boracay Regency Beach Resort and Spa

    One of the most established resorts in the island, This Triple A resort is located at the long beach and is situated in the middle of Boracay’s 4 kilometer white sand beach. All rooms have topnotch amenities and facilities, and have its very own Kai Spa.

  • Regency Lagoon Resort

    Give in to your desire of pure relaxation. The Regency Lagoon Resort offers those quiet and intimate moments throughout your stay. Located at Station 2 of Boracay, Dive into the blue waters with its 1200 sqm swimming pool and world-class amenities, experience private and luxurious comfort at your fingertips.

  • Marco Vincent Dive Resort

    The Marco Vincent Resort offers enjoyable, comfortable and worry-free stay because of its premier quality, service and entertainment. The resort is approximately 100 meters from the renowned White Beach of Puerto Galera. It is the perfect venue for family vacations, weddings, parties, conferences, seminars, company team building, private gatherings; or simply communing with the exquisite natural surroundings.

  • Atlantis Dive Resorts

    Atlantis Puerto Galera At the heart of Oriental Mindoro on the Puerto Galera peninsula you will find Atlantis - the areas premier dive resort and dive center. Just a short hop from Manila, Puerto Galera literally means Port of Galleons; its sheltered bays have been a safe haven for sailors for centuries. These days though it's the world class diving and stunning scenery that keeps visitors coming back year after year. Atlantis Dumaguete Just a twenty minute drive from the local airport (just a sixty minute flight from Manila), on a long peaceful stretch of beach, lies the lush and luxurious Atlantis Dive Resort. Surrounded by an amazing tropical garden with some of the rarest plants to be found in the Philippines it is just a short trip to some of the most renowned dive sites in Asia - Apo Island, Balicasag reef and of course the local Dauin Marine Sanctuaries.

  • Alegre Beach Resort and Spa

    Alegre - a beach resort known for its natural beauty, quiet luxury, romance, clean waters, friendly, warm and well trained staff ready to create a perfect honeymoon or vacation. Alegre Beach Resort & Spa has a total of 38 rooms, a haven for those who want privacy, tranquility and being close to nature. Rooms are very spacious with a verandah to enjoy the view over the gardens and the sea.

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